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Franz Amann (Munich, Germany)

Concert master and principal cellist of the Bavarian State Orchestra, today an internationally sought-after soloist and chamber music player

When I have to describe the pitch in one word, I call it “heldenbaritone”. Soft and flexible even in pianissimo; and while playing with a lot of bow pressure it has enormously radiant power … I have recorded the fourth Solo suite in E flat major by Bach and … the sixth Suite in D major … and whilst listening I found that it by far exceeded my expectations. This cello, by the way, is also wonderfully pleasing to the eye (a softly striped maple body, like a painting), an ideal counterpart to my 1707 Giovanni Grancino cello. Also in the orchestra, in solo arias in Bach’s B minor Mass, the cello came through clearly, displaying great versatility.

audio clips

Johannes Brahms: Sonate für Klavier und Violoncello Nr. 1 e-Moll op. 38, Teil 1

Johannes Brahms: Sonate für Klavier und Violoncello Nr. 1 e-Moll op. 38, Teil 2

Johannes Brahms: Sonate für Klavier und Violoncello Nr. 1 e-Moll op. 38, Teil 3

Fatima Vaillancourt (Dietfurt, Germany)

former principal cellist of the Munich Symphony Orchestra

Any cellist who has ever played a master instrument made by Mr. Thomas Stöhr will confirm that these are really wonderful celli …
It was striking that all three instruments I have tried had a markedly full, pleasant tone and are easily approachable. They react perfectly to all the player’s impulses and are strictly faithful to the nuances one intends. The four strings are balanced and give a full, pleasing sound even in the high positions.
The Stöhr master cello that I play now sounds to me like a cathedral: huge and powerful, never shriek or sharp. It has a dreamy, velvet, resonant, radiant tone.
I am very very grateful to Mr. Thomas Stöhr and wish him a lot of joy and success with the ongoing production of his excellent instruments.

audio clips

Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski: Nocturne

Francis Thomé: Simple Aveu

Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet: Thais / Meditation

Arne Neckelmann (Valencia, Spain)

associate principal cellist of the Opera Orchestra in Valencia

I had been looking for a cello for Paula, my talented 14 year-old pupil from Bunol, near Valencia.
I had tried both old and new celli everywhere – here in Spain, at home in Germany and elsewhere. When I played the Thomas Stöhr cello it was love at first tone. I was excited by the warmth and balance, the flexibility and ripeness of the sound …
It will stand up to all the demands of a professional cellist. I played it at a concert at the first stand of my opera orchestra in Valencia under Zubin Mehta. It reacted wonderfully. My colleagues noticed it and were very impressed by its sound and character.
And as the cello is wonderfully crafted and looks great, Paula quickly fell in love with it.
It is manna from heaven that will enrich her musical development and help her progress.
Arne Neckelmann also appears regularly as nr-Duo ( together with the pianist J. Marc Reichow.

Gabor Arato (Krefeld, Germany)

Member of Niederrheinische Sinfoniker Orchestra, cello teacher at Mönchengladbach Music School

… Since we first met, I have acquired five celli for my pupils and other experienced musicians from you … all your instruments are remarkable for their room-filling, bright, warm sound… Your price range makes it possible to have a rich choice of instruments both for pupils and professionals alike …

Gisela Depkat (Hamilton, Canada)

principal cellist, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

… I have to let you know what a pleasure it was to be able to have the use of your beautiful cello … The cello was easy to play on, well balanced in all registers …

Adam Mueller (Halifax, Canada)

principal cellist, Chebucto Symphony Orchestra

… I am very impressed with my Thomas Stöhr Cello. The tone is warm an full, with excellent projection.
Response is very quick, and the cello is equally suited solo, chamber music and orchestral playing.
It is truly a joy to play this beautiful instrument!

Emilia Renk (Neumünster, Germany)

3rd Prize at german Jugend Musiziert Competition

Dear Mr. Stöhr,
Whenever I play my Stöhr cello, I am delighted with the splendid clear tone that fills the room. It lets one play in a wonderfully easy manner and excels itself on all strings. The cello has a full and intense but also clear and transparent sound. … With the Stöhr cello I was able to win 3rd prize at the Jugend Musiziert Competition last year, which enabled me to play Vivaldi’s Double Concerto for two celli with professor Niklas Schmidt at Hamburger Musikhalle.
I couldn’t be without my Stöhr cello and recommend every cellist visit Thomas Stöhr’s workshop, where one always receives a friendly welcome. Thank you very much for the lovely instrument and helpful service.
With the very best wishes,

Emilia Renk

Susanne Stolzenburg (Berlin, Germany)

plays the German Music Instrument Prize winning instrument 2004

… It makes me happy to play this instrument – it responds quickly. It is fun to form and hear the clear, bright tones, especially on the A string.
On the lower strings the cello has a warm, full sound. What is especially remarkable is that the instrument allows for quick changes of dynamics.
I like the natural colour of the varnish and the subtle sheen.

Hanna Rexheuser (Hamburg, Germany)

I would like to tell you that I really like the cello: it plays beautifully.
Immediately after I tried it, I took it and stopped trying other celli.
I was looking for a brilliant instrument that projects its sound.
I have found it.

Dr. Hartmut Kühn (Köln, Germany)

… I bought my Stöhr cello in the spring last year and it makes me happy every time I play it.
The sound is exceptionally beautiful and many other cellists envy me the instrument.
I would like to thank you especially for your good advice and support with the optimization of the soundscape and with the choice of strings…

The Kim Family (New York, USA)

… The cello makes my daughter happy.
She is very satisfied with the cello and always proud …

The Greifeneder Family (Wels, Austria)

… Now we are … the proud and very happy owners of a Thomas Stöhr cello … a luthier who still makes the instruments all alone, by himself.
You can’t find this in Austria any more … Your expert and very personal advice … has won us over.
And also our daughter’s professor who, after hearing the instrument play, advised us to buy it.

Dorothee North (Darmstadt, Germany)

Hello Thomas Stöhr,
I have been playing the Stöhr Cello for 7 months and I am very happy with its clear and full sound, mutter-free with pronounced expression.
Its sound is an equally good fit to chamber music and a symphony orchestra.
Its form and varnish look very good.
The instrument, built in 2005, already has, despite its youth, a well-rounded sound.
It is also an excellent fit in my hands. It is excellent value for money.