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The Master’s Workshop

Starting with the blocks of raw wood and finishing with a top-quality ready-to-play instrument, all the work in my specialized cello workshop is done by hand.

It takes many years of experience to ensure that a wood block can be turned into a sonorous cello. For me, the selection of wood is very much influenced by the customer’s personal needs. What is more, the process of production is guided by the particular consistency of the wood.

My father has been running a tone wood business for more than 30 years. This gives me access to a very well-sorted stock of matured, high-quality tone woods – a unique advantage in my line of work.

In general, I tend to use beautifully flamed Bosnian maple for my instruments’ backs, ribs and necks. For the tops, slow, evenly grown mountain spruce is used. For me, my senses of touch and sight, allied to my experience, are key tools in the selection of appropriate wood, although modern measuring technology is equally important.

In my workshop, great emphasis is placed on maintaining the principles of traditional craftsmanship. As my grandfather did before me, I carve the scroll out of the raw wood block by following the old masters’ artistic models. However, in addition to the traditional Guild knowledge handed down to me, I also utilize modern technology for precision work such as attaining a tonal optimum.


Over the years, I have acquired a wide range of personal knowledge pertaining to my craft: this is another cornerstone upon which I base my work and efforts to achieve the ultimate in substance, purity and melodiousness of sound. Varnishes are of great importance to the sound of an instrument. Therefore, following traditional recipes and using only select resins, I personally produce all the varnishes that I use.

The varnish is applied by brush, layer upon layer. To attain an individual appearance for each cello, I offer three different types of varnishing: full varnish, light shading – and imitation antique, with which the instrument will show slight traces of use and wear.

With loving care, each cello is given a special touch. My customers have repeatedly praised the light response and strong, full tone paired with the instrument’s inner melodiousness.

The cellos are rendered even more appealing through their attractive pricing. In the German Musical Instruments Awards competition, every single juror gave my instrument top marks for value for money.