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Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K.
Bräuningshofer Straße 14
91083 Baiersdorf Ortsteil Igelsdorf
Phone +49 9133 2838
Fax +49 09133 3960


Design and technical implementation:

Thomas Stöhr mwsolutions
Internetservices Michael Wolfrum


1. Liability and guarantee
Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. provides all information on its Web pages without any kind of guarantee or promise whatsoever, whether expressed or implied. Especially excluded are all guarantees including implied guarantees that concern the possible commercial use of the contents or the suitability of the Web pages for certain purposes. These Web pages have been compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, no responsibility can be accepted for freedom from errors and the accuracy of the information contained in them. All liability for damages arising directly or indirectly out of the use of this Web site is excluded, provided these are not due to intention or gross negligence or cause harm to life and limb. Anton Stöhr GmbH has not checked all the information on which the documents are based itself and accepts no liability for losses caused by the use of this information or connected with the use of this information.

2. Links
In cases of direct or indirect links to external Internet sites that are not within the area of responsibility of Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K., the content of these external Web pages is not adopted by Anton Stöhr GmbH as its own. Anton Stöhr GmbH expressly declares that at the time of inclusion of the relevant links on the Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. Web pages the corresponding linked pages were free of illegal contents. Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design of the contents of the links. Anton Stöhr GmbH hereby expressly disclaims all contents of all links changed after setting the links. Deep links on subpages and subdirectories of Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. Web pages and the incorporation of Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. Web pages in frames are only admissible with the prior written consent of Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K.

3. Copyright
© Copyright 2005 Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. All rights reserved. All texts, photos, graphics and animations and their arrangements are subject to copyright and other laws governing the protection of intellectual property. The above materials and the contents of these Web pages shall not be copied, changed or used on other Web pages for industrial or commercial purposes or for transmission to other parties. We expressly declare that some Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K. Web pages contain photos that are subject to the copyright of the parties that have made these available to Cellobau & Tonhölzer Stöhr e.K.

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