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Rental Instruments

In my opinion, the whole of the lengthy progression which takes a player from beginner to amateur to professional is of great importance.

Even when beginner, the quality of one’s
instrument should be beyond dispute, and the
instrument’s playability – string height, fingerboard
arching etc. – should be given great attention,
for there is nothing more apt to discourage a
novice musician than a poor first instrument.

Therefore, to enable potentially talented young
players to enter the world of cello playing at an
affordable cost, I also stock cellos for hire.
These cellos are of different sizes and of varying
levels of quality, so each player can find an
instrument that offers him or her the best possible
balance of quality and cost.

Adapting the rental instrument to each player’s
individual needs is my personal concern.

Rental instruments are available from my workshop
from € 22 per month.


More information regarding Faszination Cello –
the cello-rental service of Anton Stöhr & Son, can be found at